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OK Asia 11.21.20 Playlist

OK ASIA is a music program created and hosted by DJ Panic that features a wide selection of Asian artists combining genres like rock, pop, hip hop, and R&B.

On-air every Friday at 11:59 pm (ET) with a rebroadcast every Monday at 1:00 am (ET) on WXOJ-LP 103.3fm Valley Free Radio in Northampton, MA.

12:02 AM ARASHI “Take Off !!!!!” from THE DIGITALIAN on J Storm Inc.
12:05 AM ARASHI “Turning Up” from Turning Up – Single on J Storm Inc.
12:08 AM Un1ty “No Mellow!” from No Mellow! – Single on FAS
12:11 AM Morissette Amon “Panaginip” from Panaginip – Single on Star Music
12:15 AM MOMOLAND “Ready Or Not” from Ready Or Not – Single
12:18 AM MONSTA X “Love Killa” from Fatal Love on Starship Entertainment
12:24 AM BTS “Dynamite” from Dynamite – EP on Universal Music LLC
12:27 AM BTS “Stay Gold” from MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 ~ THE JOURNEY ~ on Universal Music LLC
12:31 AM BTS “Life Goes On” from BE
12:35 AM KARD “Gunshot” from KARD 1st Single ‘Way With Words’ – Single on DSP 미디어(DSP Media)
12:38 AM GFRIEND “MAGO” from 回:Walpurgis Night on 쏘스뮤직(SOURCE MUSIC)
12:41 AM SB19 “Love Goes” from Get In The Zone on Sony Music Entertainment
1:02 AM ARASHI “A-RA-SHI : Reborn” from A-RA-SHI : Reborn – Single on J Storm Inc.
1:05 AM ARASHI “Lotus” from Lotus – Single on J Storm Inc.
1:14 AM SixTONES “Imitation Rain” from Imitation Rain / D.D. on Sony Music Labels Inc.
1:23 AM King & Prince “FEEL LIKE GOLD” from King & Prince
1:26 AM King & Prince “YOU WANTED” from YOU WANTED
1:30 AM Snow Man “Cray FRESH Beat” from SnowMan
1:33 AM Snow Man “KISSIN’ MY LIPS” from KISSIN’ MY LIPS / Stories
1:37 AM SexyZone “麒麟の子 kirin no ko”
1:41 AM SexyZone “RUN” from RUN
1:45 AM SexyZone “NOT FOUND” from NOT FOUND
2:06 AM ARASHI “Party Starters” from Party Starters – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:08 AM ARASHI “IN THE SUMMER” from IN THE SUMMER – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:13 AM Fujii Kaze “Hedemo Ne-Yo” from Hedemo Ne-Yo – Single on Universal Music LLC
2:16 AM Hotei “Dangerous (feat. Kazuya Yoshii)” from Soul to Soul on Universal Music LLC
2:20 AM MONKEY MAJIK “Eden” from Eden – Single on A.S.A.B / binyl records
2:26 AM ARASHI “Do You…?” from This is ARASHI
2:33 AM ARASHI “Whenever You Call” from Whenever You Call – Single on J Storm Inc.
2:36 AM ARASHI “いつか秒針のあう頃” from This is ARASHI
2:39 AM Fujii Kaze “Seishun Sick” from Seishun Sick – Single on Universal Music LLC
2:45 AM Pira “Headache” from Seedling – EP on PIRA Records
2:50 AM Gen Hoshino “Ain’t Nobody Know” from Same Thing – EP on Speedstar
2:53 AM Darren Espanto “Believe In Christmas” from Believe In Christmas – Single

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