OK Asia Playlist 1.12.19

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OK Asia (Music) with DJ Panic 01/12/2019 12:00AM to 02:00AM

12:02AM-12:05AM (3:28) ONEUS “Valkyrie” from Light Us (2019)

12:05AM-12:08AM (3:06) VERIVERY “Ring Ring Ring” from VERIVERY 1st Mini Album

12:08AM-12:12AM (3:28) Apink “%% (Eung Eung)” from Percent – EP (2019)

12:12AM-12:15AM (3:37) iKON “I’M OK” from NEW KIDS REPACKAGE : THE NEW KIDS (2019)

12:15AM-12:19AM (3:23) WJSN “La La Love” from WJ Stay? (2019)

12:19AM-12:22AM (3:20) Red Velvet “Sappy” from Sappy – Single (2019)

12:25AM-12:28AM (3:08) Luna “Do You Love Me (feat. George)” from Even So – Single (2019)

12:28AM-12:31AM (3:10) DEAN FUJIOKA “History Maker” from History Maker – Single (Rock, 2016) on A-Sketch (JAPAN)

12:31AM-12:35AM (3:53) Rueed, TAK-Z & ZEUS “Miss You” from Miss You – Single (2019)

12:35AM-12:38AM (3:14) Sajou No Hana “glimmer” from Ameni Nagasu – Single on flos somnium

12:38AM-12:42AM (3:20) STEVE AOKI “Waste It on Me (feat. BTS)” from Waste It on Me (feat. BTS) [W&W Remix] – Single (2018)

01:02AM-01:05AM (3:43) BTS “DNA” from Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ (2017) on Bighit Entertainment

01:05AM-01:09AM (3:53) BTS “Anpanman” from Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ (2018) on Bighit Entertainment

01:09AM-01:13AM (4:15) BTS “Let Me Know” from Dark & Wild on Bighit Entertainment

01:13AM-01:16AM (2:52) BTS “EPILOGUE: Young Forever” from 화양연화 Young Forever on ポニーキャニオン (http://www.shakalabbits.com/, JAPAN)

01:19AM-01:23AM (4:16) JAY PARK “Finish Line (feat. SUPERBEE & Jvcki Wai)” from Finish Line (feat. SUPERBEE & Jvcki Wai) – Single (2018)

01:23AM-01:27AM (3:21) Young Jack & Tizzy T “Relax” from Relax – Single (2018)

01:27AM-01:30AM (3:16) Vinida “4U” from SOLO (2018)

01:30AM-01:33AM (2:53) Junoflo “Statues” from Statues (2019)

01:36AM-01:39AM (3:22) Dragon Pig “Take It Easy” from Take It Easy

01:39AM-01:43AM (3:53) SID “Ranbu no Melody” from Anime & Video Games #1

01:43AM-01:48AM (4:45) The Hu “Yuve Yuve Yu” from Yuve Yuve Yu – Single (Rock) on Dashka Productions

01:48AM-01:53AM (5:08) BUCK-TICK “Ash-ra” from Cosmos (1996) on HAPPYHOUSE (http://buck-tick.com/, JAPAN)




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